Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On Friday we decorated a biscuit to go into the A.M.P show. We did it a discovery time.When  I was waiting I played with the Lego and made a movie with Miles it started getting a bit boring. So we made a ACTION movie. Our action movie was a spider crawling onto a chair and then it's web blocking the view of the camera. Then it was my turn to do the biscuit. Kelly put a timer on for 10 minutes and pressed start. First I put on the icing sugar for th one i was going to eat I choose the colour yellow. then I put on some chocolate hails and then I put on a chocolate pebble.The was then was 7 minutes on the timer so i swapped to the one I was going to put into the show and put blue and red icing sugar.Then I made a smiley face with These yellow ballsd and then I got 2 more chocolate pebbles and then I stopped it looked amazing.

                                                   THESE ARE THE WINNERS                                                                

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

yesterday after school my friend Miles came over to have a play.At my house we had  a water balloon fight we had abut 33 balloons each   and I said 3.2.1. GO. all of us picked up 3 ballooons and started thrwing my first shot hit a vine and popped . When we had 1 left we ran around doing parkour then I threw it as hard as I could but before I through it a balloon hit my leg really hard and I lost control and threw it at a tree.After that my dad came so we went to his house with Miles and we made a spot to front flip on then Miles left so we went on the computer.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This weekend i'm going to Pylorus for my dads friends birthday. I'm going to try back flip into the river.I think Miles is going to come if my dad says yes.The person who is having a birthday is called Geramey.He has Two dirt bikes.Also when we are at Pylorus we will also go rafting down the rapids. I'm gonna bring my boggie board .I'm also gonna put the boggie board floating by it self then jump on it.We might camp at Pylorus if it's a good day.We might go hunting with Geramey because that's what he likes doing.When we go hunting he catches pigs.His dogs will run round the mountain with sonic speed to catch the pigs.It will be awesome

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Friday Tom,Will and sam came to my house and we thought of building a hut at 10:00.First we brang all the wood to a spot that we thought would be a good place to build a hut.Then we got a pallet and put it between two trees.Then we got some of the wood to make it secure then we put a ladder on a branch and nailed it in.After that we made a path down to the river so we could dive into the river.Then we had some food.After that we put some tarpaulin up so it wouldn't get wet overnight then we had to go for a walk up centre of New Zealand.

Monday, September 12, 2016

On the weekend My dad came back from China he came second in a race in China and his team won 1500 dollars but they had to split it evenly.When we came to his we had to get up early because my mum wasn going to do the wiley weka.When we were there wen gave him a big hug and said what did you come.Then he said i came 2nd place Then he had to go to work so we stayed at home with our flatmates and went on our phones I was playing a game called we went to the beach and played on the swings and it was really fun.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yesterday at school It was a half day and I went home at 12:30 with Miles to my house.w hen we were scootering along it was raining when we nearly got home we saw Celeste and she came to our house.When we got there we went onto the computer for a while then my mum came and we said when is Reuben coming over and she said at 1:45. So we went and did some trick shots into this big bin.Then we went and hided because we heard him coming me and Celeste hided under the bed and it took him ages to find us so we came out.Then we went on the computer then celeste and Reuben left and we were about to go to school when I jammed my fingers in the door and my mum wasn't there and noby noticed. Until they came and  saw me on the ground.It really hurt because it was on the edge of my nail.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yesterday we did futsal with a guy called Ben First what we did was get a partner I choose Miles.Then we did some passes my and miles did tricks to each other. Then we had to learn how to turn me and miles already new how to do it. All yyou8 have to do is roll it backwards then hit it left or right I like to hit it left. Then we had to do what we learned and run away from your buddy doing skills.After that we played a proper game Choi said me Miles Harry Reuben can't be in a team cause otherwise we would probaly win then we started i vsed Harry's team me and Max made a really good team because he would sometimes chip it to me then we would score.At the end Harry's team won because he got three and we got two.Then me and miles had to say thank you for letting as play futsal.